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The Mighty Flame



The Mighty Flame is Amy Balog's second poetry collection. It explores the dark side of love and other sinister philosophical themes.


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The Dying Femme Fatale



Amy Balog and Greta Aurora's first poetry collection explores the nature of femininity and feminine power from a perspective critical of contemporary feminism. Other themes include love, heartbreak, religion, mental illness and the dark side of human nature.

Greta Aurora is the name of Amy's dangerous and sensual stsage persona. Visit Greta's website to learn more about her.

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Sleeping Village

Literary Fiction/Magical Realism

Klara lives in an oppressive, isolated society, whose residents believe that there are no people, but only vicious wilderness on the other side of the wall. The village, called Nurvote (from the German "nur volk", meaning "only people"), is divided into different sections, and the rights one has are determined by their place of birth. The leaders are reminiscent of

a Nazi regime with their mystical rituals, and they are worshipped by the impoverished people, just like the gods they had invented.

Having no other chance to escape her miserable life, Klara is forced to seek refuge in her dreams, which get mixed up with reality in a surreal adventure. Being in a relationship means she must start a family, something she has no interest in, so she leaves her boyfriend and learns to fly. When she gets intimately acquainted with Nurvote’s absolute ruler, she becomes aware of the power she has over men and her own life. 

While most people around her accept their fate, Klara has an unsuppressable desire to be free and to know what’s on the other side of all the walls. None of her friends dare to aim as high she does: Adele looks for answers in a forbidden religion and at the bottom of

the bottle, while Christina moves into the brothel, the only building with a view of

the bright lights accessible to a poor girl.

When Klara gets a job as a journalist at the Nurvote Gazeit, she stumbles upon some secrets, which confirm her suspicion that there is more to the story of the village than she is allowed to know. Eventually, she ventures outside in her dreams (or reality – she cannot tell the difference anymore), into what she hopes is a beautiful free world. But she is greatly disappointed by what she finds on the other side, and begins to doubt whether there is

such a thing as freedom at all.

The two parallel worlds represented in the novel are both dystopian in nature: one shows

a distorted mirror to Western society, while the other is Western society itself. The reader

is confronted with the idea that freedom is merely an illusion. Since people will never agree about what is best for them, they can never truly unite to seize power and are therefore bound to be ruled from above.

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The Mirror that Lied (A Prose Poem)

Gothic/Literary Fiction

Rosette has always felt that she was unlike other people. She thinks differently and feels more deeply than everyone else she encounters, being constantly reminded of her suffocating solitude. She roams the streets of the big city, believing that there is place in the world for everyone except her.

Rosette lives in a time when blank sheets of paper are not sold anymore; people make notes on leaflets, new novels are printed on the pages of old ones and artists paint on top of old pictures. Also, real musical instruments are only played secretly in run-down little bars several floors underground.

When she meets André, Rosette knows she's found the one. The two of them can communicate without using words, and they turn the city into their surreal playground. Before long, a few others join them: Charles, a writer, the twins Paul and Jules, who are painters, and Donatien, an incredibly talented but arrogant guitarist. They all feel very fortunate that they have met others who are like them.

When a publisher shows interest in Charles's book, Donatien suggests that he should be extremely careful, because humans have a tendency to destroy everything and everyone they don't understand. The others are at first outraged at him for implying that they are different to humans. However, Donatien turns out to be right when Charles is attacked and shot by the soldiers of a mysterious authority.

Charles doesn't die straight away, but his body is spontaneously mutilated, starting with his limbs, until only a lifeless marble bust is left. Now that they have no doubt that they are, indeed, very different to humans, the small group begins their escape from society through dirty underground sewers, in the hope of finding a serene land to start from the
beginning. They are determined not to make the same mistakes that humans have made throughout 

the course of history...

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Black, White and Red - A Story of Dreams, Love and Death

Erotic Horror

Jessica Walker can't remember anything prior to the last two years of her life. She's

spent these two years driving aimlessly from city to city and country to country. Since she has no money for hotels, she spends most nights with different men she meets in bars on the road. Not only do these men satisfy her accommodation and sexual needs,

but also her intense hunger, which is not for ordinary food...

She's tormented by gruesome nightmares and visions about murdering everyone

she sleeps with and then consuming some of their flesh. And when she wakes up,

the men are always gone - they either give her a reason for their absence or

she makes it up herself.

Jessica's life takes an unexpected turn when she has an accident and her car is

completely wrecked. She continues her journey with the girl in the other car: Milla. They fall in a passionate love, and Milla, who's an artist, creates a world where only the two of them exist. They travel to this other dimension through Milla's drawings and the art they create together. Jessica is happier with Milla than she's ever hoped to be, but she has

a problem that keeps her frustrated... She's unable to experience the height of sexual pleasure without having someone else's blood all over herself.

Are her nightmares reality? Is reality just a dream? She hopes that the answer is in

a mysterious envelope, which she refuses to open until the moment of final

desperation arrives...

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